3Q-kandidat: Jonathan Elliott

Vad heter du?
Jonathan Elliott

Hur gammal är du?

Vart kommer du ifrån?

Vad pluggar du och vad har du pluggat tidigare?
Jag pluggar Holocaust and Genocide Studies på Hugo Valentine Centrum, och jag har pluggat Historia på University of Kent tidigare.


Hur länge har du varit medlem i Kalmar nation?
Jag blev medlem i Kalmar Nation höstterminen 2015.


Vad har du gjort på nationen tidigare?
Vårterminen 2016 var jag klubbverkere, höstterminen 2016 var jag klubbmästare. Den här terminen har jag varit internationall sekretare och ledamot av tredje kurators råd.


Varför vill du bli kurator på Kalmar nation?
Having worked at the nation for almost 2 years, first as a regular pub worker and then in a variety of ämbete I have fallen in love with the place. It has taught me new skills and a lot of things about myself. I feel that becoming a kurator will allow me to pass these things on to others, whilest also giving something back to the nation.


Vad skulle göra dig till en bra kurator?
I feel that I will bring a lot of energy and passion to the position of 3Q, energy being the most important of those! Ever since I started working at the nation I have been watching and learning from those who have held the position, and I think they have been great examples to follow and have taught me a lot about the responsibility, passion and dedication to succeed in this position. I feel that coming from another country means that I will look at things in a different way, hopefully offering inovative and successful solutions to any problems along the way. Most importantly I feel that I am a good comunicator and will do my upmost to continue the many successes and fine traditions of Kalmar nation.


Har du någon hjärtefråga?
As third kurator I would like to see Kalmar build on its success by further promoting live music events and offering alternative food options whilest also maintaing the high standard of our restaurant. I would also like to work towards making the nation more sustainable and enviromentally friendly.

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