About kalmar nation in Uppsala

The small nation with the big heart

At our nation house in central Uppsala we arrange a wide selection of activitites. Theatre, sports, concerts, clubs and restaurants, to name a few. Welcome to Kalmar nation!

About Kalmar nation
Welcome to the small nation with the big heart, in central Uppsala

About Kalmar nation

We’ve made the student life a bit more joyful since 1663. The nation is ran by volunteering students, led by our full-time employed curators. Getting involved at a nation is something you won’t regret, because there is no better way to meet new people and familiarize with the student life in Uppsala! Besides the day-to-day operation, there are a hundred “ämbetsmän” who all make up an important part of the organization, for examples within the restaurant, as nation photographers or the nation chaplain. We also manage a number of student houses and grants.

An established cultural hub

Concerts, stand-up and theatre… Kalmar nation is a well established cultural scene in Uppsala. Swedish bands such as Kent and Sahara Hotnights have performed. And comedians such as Magnus Betnér and Özz Nûjen made our members laugh during our stand-up nights.

During the nearly three decades, since the inauguration of our current nation house in 1988, a lot has happened. Today we’re a midsized nation, with approximately 1 500 members. The activities in the house are greater than what the developers in 1987 could’ve predicted…

Welcome to Kalmar nation, welcome to become a part of the present and our history!

Recentiorer at the main university building
Concert in the basement