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Kalmar nation is run by volunteering students, and our three full-time working curators. Getting involved at the nation is something you will never forget. There is no better way to meet new people and the Uppsala student life!

How it works
How it works

Getting involved

No previous experience? Doesn’t matter!

At Kalmar nation we don’t have any prerequisites. You can learn how to serve drinks, and you don’t have to be a chef to cook for our guests in the pub. All you need is a great interst and a willingness to learn. Perhaps you got what it takes to run the whole restaurant? Many students have gone on to get employement or summer work as a result of their previous involvement in the nation.

Why should I get involved at the nation?
Getting involved at Kalmar nation comes with a lot of perks. Of course you get to meet a bunch of new people! And if you want to move into any of the houses that the nation manages you will get extra points if you take on an “ämbete”.

But I only want to work every once in a while?
Cool! Why not get involved in the restaurant/cafe/club? In the Facebook group “Jobba på Kalmar nation – Uppsala” you can sign up for available timeslots.

Your nation career starts here

100(0) possibilities

There’s roughly 100 ämbeten at Kalmar nation. Most people start their nation career in the restaurant, but that’s certainly not the only way! Perhaps you dream of putting up your own theatre show? Do you want to pursue your favorite sport activity? Or do you like writing and editing magazines? At Kalmar we have an infinite number of possibilities. Contact 1Q, the Recentiorsförmän or the ämbetsman in charge of what you’d be interested in doing!