The small nation with the big heart

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Of course you should join Kalmar nation – it’s easy!
Still don’t know if Kalmar is for you? Read on and see if we can convince you that Kalmar is the nation for you!


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Why Kalmar?

The music nation

For many years, Kalmar nation has been one of Uppsalas top music nations. We’ve hosted some of Swedens most famous clubs throughout the years, and we continue the great tradition with many unique clubs!

We do a bunch of things together. Everything from sports to art. The spex group performs at every gasque. The mixtape group meets every week to listen and talk about music, and the Idrottsförmän (the members in charge of the sports activities) arrange sport activities each week. And much more.

In case you don’t feel cultural, perhaps you simply enjoy dressing up in a suit or ball gown? The nations traditional parties are called “gasque” (or gasquer, in plural). Each semester Kalmar nation arrange multiple “gasquer”.

Pub Kronan is the nations extremely cozy pub. It’s ran by the nations “klubbvärdar” (members working in the restaurant and pub), responsible for selling and serving food and beverages.

Three reasons why you should join Kalmar:

1. The small nation with the big heart – you’ll quickly become a part of the community!
2. A beating indie heart – in our big heart, there’s lots of space for indie. But even if you don’t like indie, or even music, we can assure you that you’ll find something for you at Kalmar nation.
3. A small price for heaps of fun – for just 300kr/semester you’re invited to partake in all of Kalmar nations activities. Usually you’ll get sweet membership deals on our events, too!


Note: As a member of Kalmar nation you are still allowed to visit and attend events hosted by other nations, etc.



Sweet! I want to join Kalmar!

Become a member

At the nation

Visit us at Svartmangatan 3 during office hours. The offices are on the top floor. Bring your ID, letter of acceptance and 350kr (we only accept card).


At the start of every semester we’re open daily for students to sign up for membership, with a table set up to greet you. For the spring semester 2024 the “inskrivning” will begin on the 11th of January.


If you’re accepted into Uppsala University and have a Swedish personal number you can become a member online by heading over to