International students:

Work at Kalmar nation

The following section is for those international students interested in working at Kalmar nation. Here we will answer what you need in order to work or get paid, and how Swedish tax laws work.

How it works

Tax number

If you have worked at Kalmar nation you need a tax number in order to get paid. You can apply for a tax number at Skatteverket (the tax agency).


For non-eu citizens

Work permit

We will need to receive a copy of a document or card evidencing permission to work in Sweden, e.g. one of the following:
– Residence permit to attend a college or university
– EU/EES/Switzerland-citizenship (will copy or at least look at an ID or passport from these countries)
– Special residence permit to work as a visiting researcher
– Permanent residence permit
– AT-UND on the LMA-card for asylum seekers (an exemption from the obligation to hold a work permit; contact the Migration Board for this)


Do you have to pay taxes in Sweden?

Salary & Tax

When you work here at the nation, your salary will be transferred to your bank account the 14th the month after you have worked. The transfer will be labeled ”Lön”.

Swedish law requires Kalmar nation to make tax reduction on your salary. The tax is usually between 25 and 30%. However, if you meet certain conditions, you don’t have to pay taxes. If you have questions about the conditions contact Skatteverket or the 2Q.

The conditions are:

The conditions are:

– You mustn’t make more than 24238 SEK during the current calendar year (i.e. from January to December of a whole year)
– You must be a student
– You must be living in Sweden for all of the current calendar year

If you meet these conditions you can fill out a form where you certify that you meet said requirements. Contact 2Q for further details. Please note that tax reductions made prior to when you handed in the form to the nation can not be paid back by Kalmar nation. Instead, you will get a refund from Skatteverket (the tax agency) the following year.

If you don’t meet the conditions above you have to get a special decision from the Tax agency stating that you don’t have to pay tax. You must hand over that form to 2Q.

Get paid in cash

If you don’t have a Swedish bank account… 

If you don’t have a swedish bank account you can get paid in cash by 2Q. 2Q’s office hours are Tuesday and Friday 12-13 and Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 16-18.

Still confused?


If you have any questions regarding salary, please send an e-mail to 2Q and they will get back to you as soon as possible.