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We can offer our members student housing in two different housing associations: Bortom Bullret and Rackarnäbbet. The former consists of a bigger number of dorm rooms, and the latter of a small number of apartments. Both associations are in close proximity to the nation – in central Uppsala!

About the housing
How it works

Apply for housing through Kalmar

Housing through Kalmar nation is offered through www.nationsgardarna.se.
It’s easy – simply register on Nationsgårdarna, and send in your application for the available rooms and apartments!

Bortom bullret and Rackarnäbbet

The associations

Rackarnäbbet – historical apartments

In the block with cultural heritage, Övre Slottsgatan 15-19 (the hill next to the nation-building) you find three 1-room apartments, seven 2-room apartments, and two 3-room apartments in renovated wood houses from the 17th- to 19th Century. All apartments are rented without furniture.

Bortom Bullret – housing with a heritage

At Rundelsgränd 6A och 6B (known as Bortom Bullret) and S:t Johannesgatan 19 (Parthenon) there’s 92 single rooms, 8 doublets och 1 triplet. The single rooms are part of dorms, where you share a kitchen. Most of the single rooms are 19 square meters. All single rooms have their own private toilet and shower. In the doublet- and triplet rooms the house mates share both kitchen and toilet. All rooms are rented without furniture.

Bortom Bullret is located very centrally in Uppsala, and the rent is relatively low. The dorm-atmospheres are generally very good, and the residents feel comfortable.
If both rooms in the doublets are available at the same time, two applicants can merge their housing points.

Questions regarding lease or housing?

Kontakta: info@studentvagen.se or telephone (+46) 018-51 85 10.

Want to get first dibs?

Recceförtur – priority for new students

How does it work?

Before the semester begins, we offer 75% of our available rooms to new members who are “recentior”, new students. This offer is only available for a brief moment before each semester begins, the application starts on the 12/7-22 and last application date is 19/08-22, 12 o’clock.

Applicants are added onto a list, where the ones at the top gets offered first. Application date decides the order for the list, except for a few priority-rules that you can read below. If you’re connected to Kalmar, you’re additionally prioritized.

In the beginning of week 34 people will be contacted in the order of the application list and be offered housing. This process is repeted moving down the list until all the housing has been appointed. If offered housing, the contract signing will be done digitally online, access and entry to the housing is at the earliest on September 1st.


How do I apply?

You can only apply to the rooms by sending an email with your letter of acceptance, personal number/temporary personal number, telephone number and name to 1q@kalmarnation.se starting from the 12/7-22 and ending the 19/8-22, at 12 o’clock.

You get extra prio if you’re from Kalmar län(eng: Kalmar county), have final grades from a gymnasium in Kalmar län, or have a parents who used to/is a member of Kalmar nation. Send in proof, by sending physical copies of your final grades from gymnasium or birth certificates (that show parentage or origin), attested by at least two persons with signature, name clarification and phone number to:

Förste kurator
Svartmangatan 3
753 12 Uppsala

The documents must have reached the First Curator no later than 19/8-22 at 12 o’clock. To have the priority spot registered, wait for a confirmation email. Because of this, it is important that you write down your email address if your documents are sent in by post.

You do not have to have paid the semester fee to apply, but it needs to be paid in order for you to sign the housing contract. However, a person who has paid the membership fee ends up higher in the list than someone who has yet to pay.

Want extra housing points?


Ämbetsmannapoints – it pays off to get active in the nation
As ämbetsman at Kalmar nation you get the perk to collect additional points for our housing.

To get the points you have to apply, by visiting First Curator during office hours. The points are awarded after the first board meeting of the semester (Autumn 2021, it’s on the 28th of September). A semester is counted only if the position started no later than the last of October (Autumn semester), or no later than February (Spring semester), and requires a completed semester.

How the points work
1 point – one semester with ämbete
2 points – one semester in the klubbverk or two/more semesters with other ämbete
points – one semester as curator or two/more semesters in the klubbverk
points – two/more semesters as curator or two/more semesters in the klubbverk and two/more semester with other ämbete