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Activities at Kalmar nation

Kalmar nation offers a wide selection of activities for its members. Music, photography, outdoor life, yoga, soccer, knitting, painting… Knally? What are you interested in? Read more about the nations different activities below, and find your next hangout at Kalmar nation in Uppsala – it’ll be fun!

for the music lover

Mixtape circle

Are you interested in finding new music – or share your music favorites? Then the mixtape circle/blandbandscirkeln might be just for you! The mixtape circle is for you who love music, wants to find new music and share what you listen to to other curious ears.

The mixtape circle meets on Thursdays at 20.00 on the upper floor!

For the photo enthusiast

The photo group

Throughout the years, the photo group at Kalmar has arranged photo walks, exhibitions and other activities. Psst… the nation has their own darkroom! 

The photo group meet on Tuesdays at 19.00 on the upper floor!


For the nature freak

Outdoors at Kalmar nation

Enjoy fresh air, birds singing, sparkling fires or the sound of rippling streams? Looking to run away from the stress and go offline for a while? Does your pants have ants? The outdoors/frilufts group meet up 3-4 times/semester for excursions around Uppsala.

For the energized


Together with like-minded people, you have the chance to exercise with fellow Kalmar members. Floor ball – think ice hockey with a ball, indoors… and not on ice. If you want to start up another activity, contact 1Q, the Idrottsförmän or Recceförmän!

The sports group plays floor ball on Thursdays between 22-23 at Fyrisskolan!

for the artsy fartsy

Måla @ Kalmar

Måla is the painting group at Kalmar that meet up every Sunday between 14-16 on the top floor. Two hours where you can let out your creativity and forget all about uni on Monday and your next exam. And you know what? You don’t have to bring anything other than yourself, inspiration and your wish to transform your ideas into fantastic paintings! Kalmar nation will provide the materials.

The Måla group meet on Sundays during the fika’s opening hours between 13-16!

For the comedian

Spex group

Have you dreamt about doing a cover of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga? Or perhaps the Duke of the Canary Islands? Do you want to dance ballet to “We Will Rock You”? Congrats! You found us – the spexgroup at Kalmar nation is here for you.

The spex group meet on Tuesdays at 19.00 in the mail hall!

6For the creative handicrafter

Sewing group at Kalmar nation

Are you interested in the textile arts and crafts? Knitting, crocheting, embroidery? Repair your own clothes? At Syjuntan, the sewing group, we do things related to textile work.

The sewing group meet during the fika’s opening hours between 12-16 on the upper floor!

For the thespians

Theatre group

The theatre group, Teatergruppen, meet up in the “festsal”, on Thursdays at 19. Everyone are welcome to participate, no prior experience needed! The goal of the theatre group is to set up both memorable and interesting plays, as well as being a creative and transformational environment for all participants. Come and join in on all the fun!

The theatre group meet on Thursdays at 19 in the main hall!


for the yogi

Yoga at Kalmar nation

Yogis on all levels are welcome to participate. The yoga classes are held on the entrance floor. It’s free, but members of Kalmar nation gets prioritized in case of high demand. Bring your comfiest clothes and your own yoga mat. There are blankets to borrow in case you don’t have your own mat. Arrive in time, the doors will close once the class is in session. Welcome to Yoga at Kalmar nation!

Classes are every Wednesday at 17.00 in the main hall!

For the racer and rebus lover


Kalmar nations rebusrally is an extraordinary experience. At exhilarating speeds of 35km/h, the teams drive around in their cars. How lucky you are in the race depends on how well you manage to solve the Knally rebuses. At the finish line, a great party with great prizes awaits. It will be a trip you won’t forget. Start recruiting your team today! (Note: This activity is held in Swedish. So, recruit your Swedish friends!)

Always at Kalmar nation


10.00-00.00 Study at Kalmar
18.00-00.00 Pub Kronan


18.00-00.00 Pub Kronan
19.00 Spexgruppen
19.00 Photo group


18.00-00.00 Pub Kronan
17.00-18.00 Yoga
19.00 Choir


18.00-00.00 Pub Kronan
19.00 Theatre group
20.00 Mixtape circle
22.00-23.00 Floor ball at Fyrisskolan


18.00-00.00 Pub Kronan*


18.00-01.00 Board game pub**


12.00-16.00 Kalmar Café
13.00-16.00 Måla @ Kalmar
12.00-16.00 Sewing group


* restaurant on selected dates
** on dates w/o club and gasque