Events at kalmar nation

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Gasque, clubs and other fun things

Each semester we host and plan a wide selection of gasques, gigs, pub-quizzes and open mic nights, and much more!

We’re the hosts for Allmänna Indieklubben and Kalas?, clubs offering sweet combinations of indie, deep house, sweaty balkan vibes and loving euphoria. You find the preliminary calendar below, new events will be added throughout the semester. Welcome to Kalmar nation!

Kalmanackan Spring 20

13/1 Inskrivning opens

21/1 Swedish food night

23/1 Quiz About Sweden for Internationals

24/1 Club: Kalas?

24/1 Secret Recce Preparty before Kalas?

26/1 Cleaning Day

30/1 Lyssna: Slim Fingers

5/2 Reccemottagning

7/2 Club: Allmänna Indieklubben

10/2 Landskap #1

12/2 Video Game Night for Reccar

14/2 Restaurant

15/2 Reccegasque

23/2 Cleaning Day

7/3 Kroppkakan w/ 04-släpp

29/3 Cleaning Day

30/3 Landskap #2

4/4 04-släpp w/ Kalas? & AIK after ämbetsmanna-dinner

19/4 Cleaning Day

28/4 Skvalborg

29/4 Kvalborg

30/4 Herring Lunch

1/5 May Dinner

9/5 Knally

17/5 Cleaning Day

23/5 Spring ball

25/5 Landskap #3

29/5 Club: Kalas?

6/6 Club: Allmänna Indieklubben

Ticket info

To some of our events you can pre-book tables and buy tickets in advance. For our gasques you can buy your tickets from 2Q during selected hours. You can book tables for the restaurant, pub and quiz evenings by emailing the 3Q.


The entrance fee to Kalmar nations different events varies. Exact prices for each event you find under each event page on Facebook. As a member of Kalmar nation there’s usually a special price for our events, such as to gasques and club nights.  Sweet deal!