If you’ve paid for a ticket you can get your money back by visiting our Second curator during office hours.

It’s Valborg, and that means sillunch – or, this year, “sillunch”. What do we mean by “sillunch”? Well, it’s like a normal sillunch, but without sill. And outdoors. And at a smaller scale. But guaranteed to be at LEAST as pleasant as always – and as a member of Kalmar nation, YOU are invited!

TIME? Lunch starts at 12, but you’re welcome from 11.30!
PLACE? Kalmar nations garden
TICKET SALE? Email to reserve your ticket, then pay during office hours 16-18 on Monday or 12-13 on Tuesday!
PRICE? 200/160 with/without alcohol
DRESS CODE? Whatever!
Please observe, this event is only for members of Kalmar nation.

We kindly but firmly ask anyone feeling the slightest symptom to stay home – there will be another sillunch next year!