When? Monday September 9th, from 18.00 until late. The game starts at 19.00 sharp, so if you arrive late, we count on you to read through the rules below!

Where? Festsalen (middle floor) at Kalmar nation.

Why? Because your childhood passed by so quickly.

Who? With your best friends (and foes). And probably your future wife. Or husband.

What? MAFIA! It’s fun.

The Rules (yes, that a capital R)

If you haven’t played yet, or aren’t too sure about the rules of Mafia, please read through this (we’ll also go through this before we start playing, around 18.45):

Mafia is a game of intrigue, suspicion, suspense and revenge. One small group hell-bent on their own domination seeks the cover of night to perpetrate deathly crimes – can the innocents band together and out the criminals, or will evil prevail in Kalmar village?

List of characters

Villagers – these are the inhabitants of the town. Everyone is a villager until their identity as a Mafia has been confirmed
Mafia – this team of people works together to kill off everyone who is not a member of the mafia
Mayor – The Mayor runs the discussion during the day, gets two votes in the trial, can put someone in jail, and most importantly gets to wear a sexy hat.
Doctor – can choose one person per night to be immune from death. can save him/herself only every second turn
Mad Scientist(s) – can revive one person from the grave per game
Policeman – can ask the narrator about the identity (mafia/not mafia) of one person per night
Romeo & Juliet – one should be mafia and one villager. these two work to protect each other regardless of any other developments. If one dies, either by murder or trial, the other commits suicide.

How to play

The game proceeds on a night & day basis. During the night, everyone closes their eyes, and each set of characters is awoken separately. The Mafia decide someone to kill, the doctor saves someone, etc. Then, the village wakes up and the narrators announce what has happened (who has died) at night. During the day, the entire group debates who they think is a part of the mafia, leading up to a trial where the village will sentence one person to death. At the beginning of the day before debate begins, the mayor can choose to put someone in jail. In the early game we usually use it for bathroom breaks but later on it can be an important tool: A prisoner cannot participate in the discussion but is also immune from conviction/execution. The mayor also has two votes.

The Mafia have the advantage in the early game when little info is available, but as the game progresses some patterns start to emerge and the game often hinges on the final rounds.