På fredag den 26 september är det äntligen dags för terminens första Diskoteket; Uppsalas enda klubb med fokus på house och nu-disco. Inte nog med att några av Uppsalas och Stockholms bästa dj’s kommer och vänder plattor – kvällen till ära flyger vi in Superlover från Berlin! Den här bokningen är lite av en drömbokning för våra Diskoteket-residents, som följt tysken med spänning under flera år. Med bara några dagar kvar tyckte vi det var dags att få veta lite mer om Ferri Borbás, mannen bakom Superlover. Intervjun och en gästmix finner ni längre ner!

This Friday the 26th of September it is finally time for the first Diskoteket of the semester; Uppsalas only club with a focus on house and nu-disco. Not only will some of the best dj’s of Uppsala and Stockholm be behind the decks – we are also flying in Superlover from Berlin! This booking is something of a dream come true for our Diskoteket residents, who have been following the German dj during several years. With only a few days to go we thought it was time to find out some more about Ferri Borbás, the man behind Superlover.

Hello Superlover! Tell us a bit about yourself!
I am a Berlin Kid and I look younger then I actually am. I love music. And I appreciate good vibes 🙂

Would you care to describe your musical roots and influences? How long have you been doing what you do?
In the early 90’s when I was around 13-14 years young I got infected by Techno and House. After school I would secretly use the two Technics turntables of my brother who used to be a big Hip Hop aficionado. I liked the idea of producing my own club tracks so I started buying some bits and pieces like and Akai MPC and some analog synths. My first vinyl record was released under the name ”Tanz-Generator” in 1998 and was a quite banging and industrial Techno record. Check it out on Discogs.

Joey Beltram, Jeff Mills and CJ Bolland and basically every producer from Detroit were my heroes back then so naturally my first releases had to be pretty hard Techno too 🙂

At the turn of the millenium things changed and like so many other producers I was caught by what people refer to as ”French Touch”. It’s sample based and disco influenced House music usually associated with the likes of Daft Punk, Alan Braxe, and the likes. My production at that time sounded something like this.

For us fans who follow you on Facebook or Instagram, it’s become clear that you’re a big fan of analog gear for making music. What’s your take on the whole digital versus analog battle that’s always being fought?
It’s not so much relevant what kind of gear someone uses. It’s always about the outcome. Personally I have a weak spot for well engineered, beautifully looking instruments. Be it a Minimoog Voyager analog synth, or the fantastic digital synth OP-1 from Teenage Engineering (by the way: it’s made in Sweden). It’s definitely more fun to tweak some knobs then clicking your mouse all night long and stare on a computer screen. But then again you can be so fast with Ableton or Maschine…

We know that this is your first time in Sweden and Uppsala. Do you have any special expectations?
It’s true, it will be my first time in Sweden. I always wanted to go there and now this will happen finally. So thank you! I always try to not have expectations. I just wish we all will have a great time together and enjoy the night.

Is there any one track that you are sure that we will hear at Diskoteket – if so, which one?
Apart from my new remix for Boris Dlugosch (out on Malente’s label No Brainer records next Friday) it would be for sure Mickey’s ”Holding Hands”. I am so much in love with that tune. It is such a wonderful atmospheric track that makes me close my eyes and sing along to it every single time. Check out this epic tune here!

We are really looking forwards to seeing you here next Friday!
Thanks for the invite. I am looking forward to seeing all of you Uppsalas next Friday! Let’s have a good time.

Don’t miss Superlover at Diskoteket September 26! Get in the mood with his truly amazing guest mix, put together especially for Diskoteket.