Diskoteket is back  Saturday November 8! This time we’ve got NIBC coming up from Berlin, where he runs the club Applebum with fellow dj Hanne Lempka. It’s been a while since we had such a prolific figure visiting Uppsala – aside from the Berlin club, NIBC is in charge of legendary label Trunkfunk Records – so of course we were keen for a chat..

Hello Hanne & NIBC! You both live in Berlin now, but have your roots in Sweden. Why do you like Berlin so much, and why you have chosen to live there?
There is a special vibe in Berlin that you won’t find anywhere else. The pulse compared to places like London, Paris or New York is a bit more laid back which suites our mentality well. But at the same time there is so much happening all the time, especially at night. Not many cities in the world beats what’s going on in Berlin. It’s also a really good city for artists and creatives since there is so many likeminded people here, and a lot of inspiration to find.

NIBC, you’ve been somewhat of an important figure in the music scene since the 90’s. With the recent explosion of house music, could you tell us a bit about how the scene has evolved since you started out?
When I got in to house, techno and electronic music in the 90’s it was very much an alternative movement, especially in Sweden. There was a lot of networks, mailing lists, forums already when the internet was just a baby. And you would go to local record stores to find out how to get to the raves, find music and so on.

Lately dance music, mainly house, has crossed over in America as well as in Sweden with a lot of huge festivals with dj’s headlining and pulling big numbers. It’s cool to see that the underground culture simultaneously are thriving with parties and networks of people doing their own thing. It reminds me in a lot of ways of the 90’s rave scene. I think that it’s a good time for electronic music in general and the ”over-ground” will always generate new underground followers too.

We know you guys run both a club in Berlin (Applebum) and one in Gothenburg at Yaki-Da. Do you have any specific artist that you would consider to be somewhat of a dream to have play at your club?
Nibc: I always wanted to book Sven Väth, mainly because he has a great energy behind the decks and after his gig in Berlin at loveparade 1998 I decided that I would take my DJ career as a hobby to a full time profession.

Hanne: My dream booking would be Todd Edwards. He has skills like nobody else, and I really like his unique sound. It’s playful, fun and just genius.

Okay. Lets skip to the night at hand. You’re coming to tear down Diskoteket this Saturday. Is there a one specific track that you’re sure we’ll hear?

You will definitely hear ’Daniel Jacques – Livet efter detta’, that is one of our favorites at the moment. It’s also the first track of our new mix that you can listen to below. We are super excited to play in Uppsala, can’t wait!

We’re really looking forward to seeing you!