▼ Kalmar nation
▼ Friday February 27th
▼ Open from 20 ‘til 02
▼ 60 kr/40 kr for members of Kalmar nation
▼ Nationskort required

▲ Monitor 66


Monitor 66 have played venues in both the London subway system and on top of skyscrapers in Azerbaijan, released two EPs on House of Disco and remixed the likes of Kraak & Smaak, Finnebassen & Kolombo. Now Monitor 66 once again return to Diskoteket. Two years have passed since they first came to play at Diskoteket. Then, back in 2013, they had just emerged as one of the hottest sunset disco-acts around, following their great success of Triscuits. Now, in 2015, they are a well established and highly respected duo and we’re thrilled to have them back in Uppsala. Just a week before Diskoteket, they’re playing at Shut the Front Door in London, so we’re hoping that they might bring back some inspiration to Diskoteket!


▲ DJ Katla (IS)


Katla is one of Iceland’s most prominent djs and a resident dj at all the hottest bars in Reykjavik. These days she is mainly playing deep house, electro and techno but would hit you with any other style if she felt like it. She’s a sucker for a booming bass and her diversity is shaped by a love of good music rather than being restrained by labels. Outside of Iceland she’s played at clubs such as Culture Box in Copenhagen and Moroder Sound Club in Madrid. And since we have a history of loving Icelandic djs (like for example Viktor Birgiss), we’re really happy to have Katla come and play for us!



Supporting acts: Britta Eklöf, INGMXN, Boomblap & Robob
Resident djs: mikkelrev & Linnéa

Varmt välkomna fredagen den 27 februari!
/Adam & Linnéa, klubbarrangörer