Federico Icaza är mexikanen som flyttade från Mexico City till Berlin för att plugga ljudproduktion samtidigt som han driver skivbolaget Departures Records. I somras fick han sitt genombrott med EP’n Supermoon, som bl.a. plockades upp av Boiler Room Debuts. Den 10 oktober kommer han till Uppsala för att spela på The After Party tillsammans med bl.a. Andy Hart, och vi var såklart nyfikna på att veta mer!

Federico Icaza is the Mexican who moved from Mexico City to Berlin to study sound production while also running the record label Departures Records. This summer he had his breakthrough with the Supermoon EP, which was picked up by Boiler Room Debuts. Fedde will be coming to Uppsala October 10th to play at The After Party with Andy Hart among others, and of course we were curious to find out more!

Let’s start from the top – how did you first get into music and dj’ing?

I’ve been into music ever since i can remember. My mom showed me how to play a song in my grandmother’s piano when I was around 8 or 9 and I fell in love with the instrument. Then I started playing the drums when I was around 12 years old, and learned a bit of guitar as well. I’ve been in rock bands (as a drummer) since i was in middle school or so. Music has always been part of my life but it was only a few years ago that I begun liking dance music. Now I love it of course!

What are your main musical influences?

I have many musical influences, and within many genres. In terms of dance, I am really into disco and classic house, also 80’s synth music. A few of my very favorites would be Arthur Russell, Kano, Omar S, Thelonious Monk, Mulato Astatke.

Tell us a little bit about the scene in Mexico. How does it compare to Berlin?
I would say there’s not so much of a scene in Mexico although it seems to be growing. There’s big electronic music festivals but only a few artists are locals, although there are very many talented mexican producers. There are many things I miss about Mexico but the “scene” isn’t one of them. It’s hard to compare it to a city like Berlin, where you have access to some of the best acts in some of the best venues.

You’re based in Berlin, but at the same time you are producing with Love Bites and running a Mexican based record label. How does that work out with the distance?

The distance is not so much of an issue thanks to the internet. I send some ideas or stems to my friend Marcelo (Love Bites) and he does the same thing, and it’s been working until now. In terms of the label, we communicate what artists we’d like to sign for the next releases and things like that. The only thing I’m missing out on are the Departures Records showcases in clubs in Mexico.

You have just started out as a solo producer and it seems to be going in a very interesting direction. What are your plans and hopes for the future?

My plans for the future just have to do with continuing making a lot of music and hopefully putting it out in nice labels. I’m also really happy when I get the chance to play some records to good crowds.

This is your first time playing a club in Sweden. Do you have any particular expectations?

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to dj in Sweden, I’ve been there before with my family and I absolutely loved it. Swedish people are always so polite and educated and that’s very appreciated. Country is gorgeous as well!

What’s the one tune we can expect to hear in your set at The After Party?

K15 – Yellow (Wild Oats)

Catch Fedde at The After Party at Kalmar nation, October 10th, 22.30-04.00. The facebook event for The After Party can be found here.  Listen to Fedde´s exclusive mix for The After Party below!