Autumn has swiftly taken over Uppsala alongside the lifted restrictions. And with the lifted restrictions, we’ve been able to club and dance just like we’ve craved for so long. But let’s be honest, do you really want to hear “från och med du” one more time? Does the thought of Carolas ”säg mig” make your eye twitch a little? Is it really worth the 1-hour long queue in the cold? We at Kalmar would like to offer everyone that wants something alternative but still a night-out our newest reoccurring pub event series – ”Kalmar Casts“. An event where we are welcoming students to try a new, fresh and groovy taste of local electronic music combined with extraordinary good vibes and a cool atmosphere in our festsal/bar.

The pub event “Kalmar CASTS” will occur every other week until the end of the autumn semester, so stay tuned!