Are you new in Uppsala? Are you a new student? Are you new to having fun??? Two words: Kalmar Nation! This dinner is perfect to those who want an introduction to Uppsala student life in the best way, as well as learning the tricky status quo during gasques.

Where? Guess…Kalmar Nation of course:)
When? 26/2, 17dk
psst…17dk means you arrive between 17.00-17.30
Price? 280kr members only
Dresscode? Kavaj!

NOTE! Due to the pandemic, the prevailing restrictions obviously apply to all participants of the event. Kalmar Nation has taken special measures to reduce spread of infection. It is extra important to remember that a vaccine certificate (along with ID and nation card) is required.
– Stay home if you are sick!
So we make sure everyone has a nice evening🤝

You there! You do know we have two reccegasques this semester? (One in Swedish and one in English)

Link to the other can be found here: