Kalmar nation – the small nation with the big heart

Welcome to Kalmar nation!

We have our own house in central Uppsala in which we organize a plethora of activities, for example choir, theatre, concerts, sports, clubs, restaurant, pub etc. The nation is run by volunteering students and led by three full-time working curators. To engage yourself in a nation is something you’ll never regret. There is no better way to get to know the student life of Uppsala and meet new people! In addition to the daily maintenance of the building, there are roughly a hundred office holders who all represent an important part in our organization, for example within our restaurant services, as a nation photographer or as nation chaplain. We also administer a number of student housings as well as scholarships that are handed out to students in need (and maybe even to you!).

With concerts, stand-up shows and theatre performances that reach a wide audience Kalmar nation is a well established culture venue in Uppsala. Artists such as Kent and Sahara Hotnight have played on our stage and comedians such as Magnus Betnér and Özz Nûjen have visited out stand-up show.

A lot has happened during the almost three decades that have passed since we first inaugurated our own new nation house in 1988. The current activities in the building are far greater than the contractors could have foreseen back in 1987. When the acceleration of our members was at its peak in the mid 1990’s, discussions about expanding the building were not considered completely crazy. Kalmar is usually called “a big little nation” and we love using the expression “the small nation with the big heart”. Kalmar nation has got its future in front of it.

Welcome to become a part of our present and our history!